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At Open House we work with the NHS’ Walsall Manor Hospital Bereavement team.

We have a compassionate, dedicated team and are willing to share our expertise to help reduce the burden of any property related aspect of the probate process. We are aware of the numerous problems that can occur at this difficult time which can add more stress to an already emotional situation. We have outlined a few potential issues below.

If a home left by a loved one is left vacant you may need to look at the home insurance as most policies will not cover a property if it is left vacant for over a certain period of time, which is usually 30 days.

As part of the probate process, any assets including a home or other property will require a valuation especially if inheritance tax due.

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Vacant properties are a target for vandal, metal thieves and squatters. Ideally, it is best to have them occupied or certain precautions taken to minimise the risk of this. These properties can also suffer damage from burst pipes and cold temperature which cause damage to paint, plaster and timber as well as damp issues which can be costly to rectify.

We can conduct free no obligatory valuation and provide advice on steps you can take to protect a home left by a loved one. Being part of the ‘Best of Walsall’ network we can also point you in the right direction to trusted contractors.

If you are currently going through the bereavement of a loved one and would like support, please visit the Walsall bereavement website.


We work alongside solicitors who can offer probate services. If you require a solicitor for any aspect of probate, please contact us and we will point you in the right direction.


For a look at the options we offer for a traditional sale of your property click here


If you are not sure where to start please give us a call on 01922 669788, we are more than happy to help where we can.