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Do you need to sell your property quickly and hassle free?

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Occasionally there are times when you may find yourself in a difficult financial situation where a quick sale would be beneficial for all parties. If you are affected by any of the following a quick sale would be worth strongly considering:

  • Need to sell due to divorce/ separation

  • Need to quickly relocate

  • Selling an inherited property

  • Facing repossession

  • Need to clear debts

These are just a few examples however a quick sale could be ideal for many other reasons. If you are unsure whether a quick sale would be suitable for your situation contact us today on 01922 669788.

In this context, by quick sale, we mean selling to investors (often cash-rich) looking to buy properties in your area. The purchase price is likely to be below the market value, however, we ensure the price offered is not exploitive of your situation and is reasonable to your requirements.

We will make sure to match your property with an investor who is serious about buying, with 100% transparency and no last-minute offer reductions (common trick investors use) or dropouts. Many of these investors are cash-rich which means they can buy your property without the need for a mortgage making it quicker and reducing the number of points at which the sale could fall through. The money from the sale can be in your account within as little as 28 days.

Selling on the open market vs selling off the market to an investor?

Selling on the open market is not necessarily going to give you the quick sale you need. It is a process that can have built-in delays because buyers will often need to apply for a mortgage or the sale may be affected by a buying chain. In other words, it is dependent on other people’s circumstances.

If you need to sell quickly you need a sale which is as close to guaranteed as possible in as short a timescale as possible. To achieve this, you need access to a pool of investors who are cash rich because they are not hindered by banks or the circumstances of others. If your house fits the criteria for what they want, a sale is pretty much guaranteed.

How to research the value of your home?

Zoopla and Rightmove can give you an idea of previous sold house prices on your road. Always use sold house prices instead of prices houses are currently listed for as they are more accurate. Alternatively, try our free online property valuation tool.

It is important to think about how long you can afford to wait and stay in your home while waiting for a buyer to come along and complete the purchasing process. If you can’t wait around, you can be put in a predicament where you must accept a lower offer than if you could wait longer for the perfect buyer.

If selling fast for cash isn’t for you, then try our online estate agents service, we will provide a personal dedicated service and endeavour to get to you the best buyer and the best price for your home.

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