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Tenant Fees

Prospective tenants will only be required to pay fees for referencing:

£60 inc VAT per tenant

£30 inc VAT per guarantor

Further information about these fees can be found in the ‘Referencing’ box.

Please note that these are non-refundable.

Tenancy Term

The minimum term of the tenancy will be at the landlord’s discretion, but as a general figure, it is usually 6 months. After this 6 months period, the tenancy can either be renewed (subject to landlord and tenant agreeing) or terminated. To get the best chance of finding a property we advise beginning your search 5-6 weeks before you plan to move, as the nicer properties are viewed and reserved quickly.


Referencing will be carried out by an independent referencing company. The referencing includes a credit check, affordability calculator (given as a ratio of income to rent), references from previous landlords and a debts and CCJs check. In some cases, you will require a guarantor who would undergo the same checks as you.


As mentioned above viewings will be arranged at a time and date which is convenient for yourself. A member of staff will be accompanying you on viewings and will be able to answer any questions and offer advice. We also conduct viewings on evenings and weekends.


Rent is often quoted per calendar month. In the cases it is quoted as a weekly figure to get to a monthly figure do the following calculation: Weekly rent multiplied by the number of weeks in a year. Divide this by the number of months in a year. (weekly rent x 52)/12. Unless specified, the rent will not include bills or council tax (apart from HMOs where some bills and council tax may be included in the rent).


A security deposit (minimum 1 months rent) will often be required. The deposit will be held by the custodial tenancy deposit scheme in accordance with the tenancy deposit protection regulations. Details of the scheme and your deposit information will then be relayed to you by email and SMS.

Nil Deposit scheme

The Nil deposit scheme is an alternative to paying an upfront deposit before beginning a tenancy. Instead of a deposit, you can pay one week’s rent plus VAT upfront and the broker would cover you for up to 6 weeks rent (the amount of a normal deposit) should a dispute arise at the end of the tenancy. This scheme, however, will only be available with landlords that agree to it. Please note that with this scheme you will not receive any money back at the end of the tenancy as you would have had you put down a deposit.

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We can also arrange a broker to give you quotations for content insurance to cover your belongings in case of accidental damage to the property as your landlord’s insurance will not cover your belongings.

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